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The popularity and high ratings Belfair does not mean that the game can start a professional or you are with large financial resources or prospects. The minimum deposit to a personal account with Belfair is 25-pounds, and bets can be made from 2 pounds, so open yourself to the world of Belfair can anyone, even a novice player and as acquiring skills to increase the size of the bet. And what a big bet you do, the more you earn points, respectively, and the greater the discount is provided by the site. Start trading Forex online at

Let's say you have won £400, at what the fees to be taken from you by the exchange rate is 5%. With the discount earned skillful play on the exchange rates, your discount, for example, was 40%, which means you pay a fee of - 12 pounds, instead of the original 20. Plus, you earn 120 points Belfair.

An interesting point is the fact that you are free to offer their own rates and set their own rates. And most importantly - it is, of course, the coefficients. It's no secret that Belfair is a recognized leader (including the users and professional players) in this area, odds offered by betting exchanges Belfair, one of the highest in comparison with other similar offices.

This is achieved by the fact that the office is working on a completely new scheme different from conventional bookmakers, and unlike the last betting exchange Belfair will not be losing when winning or losing any of the parties to the dispute, and in the absence of such risks is able to offer a more attractive rate than conventional bookmakers. Another feature is the ability to bet on the stock exchange with a mobile phone, thus you can even get SMS about the outcome of an event. In concluding this section, we repeat, that the restrictions on the maximum possible gain there. You must decide when to stop.

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