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The company Belfair was founded in August 1999 by Andrew Black and Edward Reye directly for transfer on a commercial basis of its own technology wagering developed in the previous year. The Company, by and large, has revolutionized the market totes and became the world's first exchange rates.

Belfair has the appropriate gaming licenses in the but, despite this, the world is known as the Belfair betting exchange, which is the main source of income commission on winnings visitors (up 5%) and promotional activities. The calendar 2012 Olympics know but its symbolic opening with the opening ceremony, over the years become a rite of growing media fascination, an event organized in every detail and generously funded. This year, the timing of the opening of the Olympic Games will be entrusted to the ceremony entitled "The Isles of Wonder" (The islands of wonder), edited by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, whose imagination should ensure the outcome of the event .

Over its history, the company Belfair has more than 60 awards: twice in the last 5 years has received the prestigious "Award of the Queen." In 2003, was awarded in the category of innovation, and in 2008 - in the category of International Trade. The award was presented directly to the Queen of Great Britain based on the recommendations of the Prime Minister of the country.

Also, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the company Belfair has been recognized as the best and the fastest growing company in the UK. In addition, a nomination for "Company of the Year in the UK" (November 2004) and founders in October 2002, received the award "Entrepreneur of the Year - Andrew Black and Edward Ray."

To date, Belfair confidently called the world's largest betting exchange with a customer base of more than 1 million people and a weekly circulation of money - more than £ 50 million. Belfair has introduced a brand new product and, accordingly, the approach to sports betting. The new generation of players on the stock exchange - the people that will not with certainty the outcome of sporting combat and therefore they try to make a profit by playing on the dynamics of trading.

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