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As on any exchange, where the coefficients are determined by a variety of events, depending on the demand and supply that come from these same players. Players have the opportunity to put the "for" or "against", taking on the role of serious bookmaker, while getting a chance to earn even up to the beginning of the game. A competent player on the Exchange has the ability to "buy" rate, which, in his opinion, would fall, and after he actually falls - "sell" it. And the difference it will make a profit.

But this does not prevent use Belfair and as a normal bookmaker. However, we recommend all the same not to rush into it and learn all the rules and principles to understand exactly Exchange. Especially because the company's website is painted in detail guide, which details the world of online betting exchanges. Get all the information about Forex trading online at

A characteristic feature is that any player is entitled to open accounts, as he needs, it's not against the rules and is not available on other popular markets. This is explained by the desire to make the most of the game fair and transparent. Belfair, in this respect, relies entirely on the client and his desire to have just as many accounts as he needs, and performs a validation of personal data.

Another powerful argument - there is no limit as possible winnings. You must decide when to stop. You are constantly in the "theme" of sports or other events: at a time when you are holding their breath, watch it online (real-time) - in front of the eyes, except for the video itself is always counting balance, constantly recalculated computer Belfair.

Also present at the exchange Belfair huge information portal optimized for Russian speaking users, and the region in general (International Russia). News Feed, review, and the number of sports information and information about the rates quite convincing. Periodically, the game shows the Belfair users in real-time (on-line), but, as a rule, to view a particular match must wager at least 10 pounds.

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