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In those eight days, the Italian swimming will play everything. Sunday 29 and Tuesday, July 31 key dates for Federica Pellegrino, respectively, with the finals of the 400 and the 200 freestyle. Nine days of fencing, however, from 28 July to 5 August, with the titles of the team focused in the last four. It is on these races that are pinned our hopes and attention, as it always comes from fencing a decent haul of Olympic medals.

Athletics will focus over the past 10 days, but we already know that it will not be on the track that we go to seek glory, if it is blue medals. We point out, however, the crucial appointments, the ones that every sports fan wants to see live: men's long jump Saturday, 4 (there will be Andrew Howe?), Men's 100-meter final Sunday 5, 400 final (the "loop the loop") Monday 6th, 200-meter dash and triple jump Thursday 9.

Off the track, and on the paved road, we have historically many chances more: the men's 20km run is scheduled for August 4, and the women's marathon the next day, but the highlight will be the last two days of Olympic calendar 2012. Saturday, August 11 will take place in fact the 50 km march men and women's 20km run, and Sunday 12 will conclude with the men's marathon, the real race symbol of the Olympics.

Sunday, August 12 will be the final day of the barrels, with the assignment of gold in water polo tournaments, volleyball and men's basketball. One last mention for tennis and football: Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 will be assigned respectively the Olympic gold for women's tennis and men, while the final of the men's Olympic football tournament is scheduled for Saturday, 11. Unfortunately, there will be Italy to fight for the place of the Win Football Tournament at the Olympics, as the National bluish did not qualify. Bets are open in real time for the duration of the encounter, until the last second. Obviously, when the result is already clear (as in a football game where one team is 4-0 a minute from the end).

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