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The qualifying, 2013, if it exists, after the parenthesis of the Olympic tournament that will see us illustrious absent, bring back the focus on an issue of national consolidation in the latest releases: the difficult insertion of the trio wonder Felinely, Bargains, Galliard chessboard. This problem may paradoxically be "solved" by the illustrious waivers axes Raptors and Hornets, who surprised the Italian public, announcing their defection. In fact, there are those who points out that Italy's basketball has received its most disappointing results with these stars in their field.

Their absence will be an opportunity to grow some young Italian basketball betting, and to increase the confidence in some young elements. We believe, therefore we also think it's good for a team from the mentality, have a balance of play and run in a larger group, with a single star to make a difference (I hope, therefore, that the other of the Big Three, Galliard, do not miss his contribution).

Bet on Championship at qualifier should be a reasonable investment: only Turkey seems to worry the Blues. The odds on the basketball blue, at least for the next year, seem more rosy hoping that the Italian youth, with Ardor and Palomar of all, give us satisfaction to the upcoming championship 2013.

Here is a practical explanation of the sure bet. May be the case that the away win of a team like Florentine X, Y against a team like Milan, is perceived as extremely unlikely to be a bookmaker A, and all things considered instead as possible from a betting site B; quest ' last site will provide accordingly a relatively high share for the victory of the home team.

And let's assume that, at the same time, there is another operator considered very unlikely that the outcome of the draw, coming to quote it to more than 3. The bet on the winning team will be withdrawn, or will be traded at a value close to 1, then essentially unprofitable. The possibility of building systems and also exists in the context of multiple bets in real time. In short, it is easy to bet live with live bets!

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